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Adam Northam

In 2006, while in college, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Greece. That trip ignited my love for photography and I haven't been able to put the camera down since.

I love photography in all its forms. You’ll find that I don’t “specialize” in one form, genre, or theme. If I see something beautiful, eye-catching, bizarre, or just plain photo-worthy, I try to capture it in the most creative way that I can.

I have traveled extensively - for work and for pleasure - and I have experienced beauty in everything and every place that I've visited. I believe that no matter where you are, there is something incredible to capture. That includes the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area where my wife, daughters and I reside. It has been an interesting journey by way of Colorado Springs, Colorado; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Chicago, Illinois; and Denver, Colorado; but we are extremely excited to call the City of Brotherly Love home. At any given time you will likely find us hiking the surrounding areas' vast park system - exploring the many remarkable features the urban landscape has to offer, eating in Philadelphia's incredible restaurants, or mentoring, teaching, and tutoring local youth.

As you peruse this site, you will notice that Philly, and the other places that we've lived, hold a special place in my artistic heart. After all, home is where the heart is. 

Hopefully there’s something in my portfolio for everyone to enjoy.

Have fun!


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Home & Away

The name Home & Away comes from a simple concept that struck me while working and traveling for an excellent organization called Rachel's Challenge (RC). When I was not actually performing my job function, I was taking a lot - a lot - of photos. The more photos I took, the better I became.  At the time I called Colorado, one of the most beautiful places in the country, home. People were always asking me to take more photos of home - to explore Colorado, and capture its gorgeousness. However, I also had an incredible opportunity to photograph places all over the country. I always came home with tons of photos from other places — away. My audience was equally complimentary of both. My tenure at RC lengthened, my photographic maturity grew, and I continued to travel to more places both domestically and abroad. Thus the concept expanded — home became the U.S. and away became the rest of the world. As I continue to travel  I am consistently reminded to greatly value the beauty of, and lessons learned from, escaping my comfort zone and exploring the world. I hope to continue showcasing the best of the places that I visit, both home and away.

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